Nigel j2


"Ever since I started to play Hammond a few years back I've always been searching for the perfect all-around overdrive/distortion pedal. I must have tried between 20-30 different ones. But it wasn't until I got in contact with Lounsberry pedals and tried the Organ Grinder that I knew my journey was over. The OG has the a very nice analog tone and works both with my Hammond M3 and Nord C2 organ and it is perfect for spicing up the signal before my leslie or ventilator. It handles the full frequency range from the organ without losing or compressing any part of the signal in an unwanted way."

Dennis Zielinski - Egonaut and October Tree

Lounsberry Guitar Pedals are very responsive and can go from warm semi-clean to full on classic rock crunch. They retain clarity and work well with complex chord shapes such as Maj7 chords (dime any Lounsberry Pedal and play a Maj7 chord and be surprised). Lounsberry Guitar Pedals are hand built by progressive rock guitarist Greg Lounsberry, (of the bands, Canvas and October Tree) one at a time. Greg uses point to point wiring and fish paper circuit boards with wiring techniques reminiscent of 1950's guitar amps. 



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Roger Powell has an impressive resume, having played with Utopia, Todd Rundgren, Fossil Poets, Meat Loaf, and David Bowie. Here is what he thinks of his Nigel pedal:
"Nigel arrived yesterday and I'm very impressed. Very warm, organic and sounds like a big amp with wonderful harmonic grind! Very nice job on that. I love the sound. It will stay among my favorite pedals. Cool packaging too!" 

Roger Powell 


Rich Williams of Kansas and the Nigel:

"I've tried the (Nigel) pedal in a few applications, and where I'm using it now is in my home practice rig.  I'm in a condo and must keep things pretty quiet.  I have an old tweed Gibson Les Paul Jr. amp which only has a volume control.  The unprocessed sound is quite dull and toneless, but when using the Nigel with the guitar volume backed off a bit the amp now has a lively crisp bite and growl that turns practicing into a pleasure.

Rich Williams


Stephen Smart, owner of Nigel, Ace of Spaydes, and Smilin' Jack:


I wanted to get a good description so I played for a while with both
pedals in various guitars (recently purchased les paul, sg, nighthawk)
with the blues jr. Then waited a few days and did it again.

The ace of spades is a very warm sound that seems to operate on the mids
and low end during an attack. It has a very wonderful growl but still lets
clean notes be heard. It does not eliminate the high end but does seem to
reduce their prominence.

The nigel seems to accentuate the high end while still providing
significant growl in the low end and mids. A weird way to describe it
would be it adds sound around the notes which accentuate the high end.
Similar to how when burning a log or some big piece of wood, a flame
operates around the piece of wood. This one definitely brings brightness.

What I really like about both is how much you can control the sound with
simply the guitar and playing style.

Both pedals are most excellent and those comments do not give justice. I
have not had the chance yet to really explore all of the possibilities of
the pedals.

Hope this helps!

Thanks again!



Stefan sandman lounsberry picture
Greg interviews Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett, Steve Lukather and more on The Canvas Prog Hour. Click on the Logo.

Greg interviews Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett, Steve Lukather and more on The Canvas Prog Hour. Click on the Logo.